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Here you will find information on how the lease option process works, how you can qualify, and how you can get started on your way to home ownership! We believe that everyone should experience the American Dream and we are here to assist you along the way with our personalized service.

A lease option allows you to live in the home of your choice while you build up your credit rating, increase your income, or save for a down payment. You have the ability to fix the price and close within 12-24 months; any appreciation is yours to keep!

Generally a lease option allows you to rent a nice home in a nice neighborhood with the option to buy the home later down the line.

Just like when buying a home, you have an initial payment and monthly payments, at levels similar to what you would pay for a conventional home. The price of the house is fixed during the lease term, which allows you to repair any credit problems, save money for the down payment, get more time on the job, or whatever else you may need so you can get bank financing.

You will pay some money to freeze the price of the home during the lease term, its called option consideration and it will be fully credited to your purchase when you buy the home. It is important to understand that if you do not buy the home, the option consideration is not refundable, you have to make sure you definitely want to buy using a delayed settlement.
This opportunity is for home buyers who want their home now, but know that their financial profile will be much better in the near future. With a lease option, buyers can find homes to lease and build equity at the same time. Your option consideration of 3%-10% of the purchase price is applied to the price of the home and each month rent credits are applied to reduce the amount you will have to bring to settlement. Rent credits in the amount of $200-400 per month will be applied towards your settlement costs up to 3% of the loan amount!

If you desire to own your own home but are unable to secure conventional financing today, you may want to consider the lease option approach. It can make your rent money work for you instead of your landlord.

In addition to a low down payment, having your price locked in for the term of the lease, appreciation, time to check out the home and neighborhood, and ability to remodel or improve to your tastes, we also provide credit counseling to our buyers to get you started towards your goal of home ownership!

As a first step, complete our contact form or call 215-859-2869 to speak directly with me. I will take some preliminary information and do a personal interview to determine your wants and needs and get you started on the road to home ownership!

We recommend that when you begin your search you are ready to move within 45 days, our properties are among the best on the market and they sell quickly!

The initial payment is due at contract signing to lock in the sales price and hold the house for you, then you will begin the monthly rental payments the day you move in.

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