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Welcome Sellers! I buy houses a variety of ways and can give you at least one offer the day I come to see your house.  I create a win/win/win offering you a fair price for your house, selling or renting it to a thrilled tenant or buyer, and making a profit in the meantime! My specialty is taking your problem off your hands quickly and seamlessly.

Typically I make three different offers from you to choose from; 1)  A cash offer that can cash you out within 10 days or less, 2) An offer using seller financing where we can provide you with a steam of monthly cash flow or relieve you of payments, 3) or I can list your house and sell within 90 days (usually 30!) using my specialized innovative techniques. I will handle the entire transaction at no cost to you. You will have the freedom to move on with your life knowing your real estate problem is solved. Listings have a 90 day maximum contract and are listed at 6% commission. My primary stragedy is to buy your house from you quickly and easily sans drama. During our meeting you will be introduced to a handful of ways to sell your house! 


Seller Financing...What?  

What is seller financing and how can it benefit you? There are some terrific benefits to selling your house on seller financing. While homes for lease and sale are abundant, few owners of these types of properties realize the numerous advantages of selling on payments. Houses with purchase options or seller financing are a win for home sellers with a house needing repairs, a house with zero or little equity, or even a house in great shape! We'll go over the benefits at our meeting.


A vacant house is a problem house. In addition to making payments on an empty house, you are also more likely to be a victim of vandalism, your insurance company can cancel your homewoner's policy because it has been vacant for more than 30 days (it's true, they can do it so read your policy!) and it's just an unnecessary problem hanging over your head with an easy solution!


We are seeking both houses in prime condition and those that are in need of repairs. In many cases, there's nothing wrong with the seller's house, rather it's simply the dynamics of supply and demand. If your home is in need of repairs, we will buy it CASH! There is no need for you to do any repairs, worry about paperwork, or hire a real estate agent. We can close in 10 days or less leaving your problems behind you. 

 As a first step, complete the online form under the "Sell Your House!" page on this site or call my office at 856-281-3113.  We will gather some preliminary information, and schedule an onsite consultation and inspection of your property. Feel free to call us with any questions and we look forward to working with you


Office 856-281-3113

Email Direct---Sharyn0481@gmail.com



Welcome Buyers!

 Here you will find information on how the Rent-To-Own process works, how you can qualify, and how you can get started on your way to home ownership!  We believe that everyone should experience the American Dream and we are here to assist you along the way with our personalized service.

Renting to Own allows you to live in the home of your choice while you build up your credit rating, increase your income, or save for a down payment. You have the ability to fix the price and close within 12-24 months; any appreciation is yours to keep!

These are a few of the benefits for home buyers who want their home now, but know that their financial profile will be much better in the near future. With Rent-To-Own, buyers can find homes to lease and build equity at the same time.  Your option consideration of 2%-4% of the purchase price is applied to the price of the home and each month rent credits are applied to reduce the amount you will have to bring to settlement. Rent credits in the amount of $200-400 per month will be applied towards your settlement costs up to 3% of the loan amount!

If you desire to own your own home but are unable to secure conventional financing today, you may want to consider the rent to own approach. It can make your rent money work for you instead of your landlord. 

In addition to low down payment, having your price locked in for the term of the lease, appreciation, time to check out the home and neighborhood, and ability to remodel or improve to your tastes, we also provide credit counseling free of charge to our buyers to get you started towards your goal of home ownership!

As a first step, complete our contact form or call 215-859-2869 to speak directly with me.  I will take some preliminary information and do a personal interview to determine your wants and needs and get  you started on the road to home ownership!

Please note, all of our properties being advertised as Rent to Own are strictly sold on a Rent to own basis, some are available as rentals with a 680+ credit score. Credit guidelines for lease purchase properties are more flexible. Also, we recommend that when you begin your search you are ready to move within 45 days, our properties are among the best on the market and they sell quickly! 

The initial payment is due at contract signing to lock in the sales price and hold the house for you, then you will begin the monthly rental payments the day you move in. 

If you would like to be on our mailing list of upcoming properties please send an email to Sharyn0481@gmail.com with your specifications. 

Direct 215-859-2869